Professional Experience Week 2

Hi everyone,

Well today in the PE classroom a student had an asthma attack. Luckily she had her inhaler and the PE teacher was trained in first aid. My mentor informed me that the student is prone to asthma attacks and carries her inhaler with her everywhere. When reflection on today I released I had not even thought about asking my mentor whether the students had any health concerns I needed to be aware of. Having been so focus on the lesson plans, content knowledge, behavior management strategies and catering for those with diverse needs within the classroom  it never entered my mind to ask about the health concerns of the students.

Researching asthma attacks I found an informative website on the Asthma Resource Centre where warning signs, asthma triggers and how to treat asthma attacks in PE are discussed. I too like Kirby am feeling a little weary coming to the end of week 2 on professional experience.

Today I learnt a valuable lesson…


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